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Comment:Added a troubleshooting section to the README about C11 atomics and broken versions of gcc
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User & Date: rkeene on 2016-02-23 05:24:47
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Fixed bugs related to not using C11 atomics check-in: 4ce6697da8 user: rkeene tags: trunk
Added a troubleshooting section to the README about C11 atomics and broken versions of gcc check-in: afddda9b5d user: rkeene tags: trunk
Updated man page version to be in-sync with the rest of the source check-in: 8f1b3e35fb user: rkeene tags: trunk

Modified README from [4a3d6cb02a] to [d62e07fe87].

    90     90   Because "filed" relies on chroot(2) and setuid(2), log files cannot reliably
    91     91   be re-opened.  If you need log rotation then a second process, which can close
    92     92   and re-open log files, must be used.  Any process may be used for writing logs
    93     93   but if the process does not support log rotation then it will not provide that
    94     94   benefit.  For example, if you wish to write logs to syslogd(8) you can use
    95     95   logger(1), such as:
    96     96   	# ./filed --root /www --user nobody --log '|logger -t filed' --daemon
           97  +
           98  +Troubleshooting
           99  +---------------
          100  +   1. It won't compile, something about stdatomic.h not found or _Atomic not
          101  +      a valid type.
          102  +
          103  +      => This is a bug in your compiler:
          104  +  
          105  +
          106  +         GCC 4.7.x and 4.8.x define the macro indicating that they have C11
          107  +         support and do not define the macro that C11 requires to indicate
          108  +         that C11 atomics are not available.  They should define that macro.
          109  +
          110  +         You can disable the features in "filed" that require C11 atomics by
          111  +         defining FILED_DONT_TIMEOUT in the Makefile.