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Comment:Added note about log files
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User & Date: rkeene on 2014-02-11 16:55:59
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Filed 1.4 check-in: 54ff5cc0ff user: rkeene tags: trunk, 1.4
Added note about log files check-in: d6e6e6e9c7 user: rkeene tags: trunk
Updated to support logging to processes in addition to files check-in: 541136d097 user: rkeene tags: trunk

Modified README from [39436c7686] to [15c37ea3f2].

    72     72   		type1   type1_extension1 type1_extension2...
    73     73   		type2   type2_extension1 type2_extension2...
    74     74   		...
    75     75   	However it may not be desirable to include this mapping, or it may be
    76     76   	desirable to use your own mapping rather than the default one.  This
    77     77   	can be done by specifying the MIMETYPES macro to "make".  If no
    78     78   	mapping is desired, "/dev/null" may be specified.
           79  +
           80  +Log Files
           81  +---------
           82  +Because "filed" relies on chroot(2) and setuid(2), log files cannot reliably
           83  +be re-opened.  If you need log rotation a second process, which can close and
           84  +re-open log files, must be used.  Any process may be used for writing logs to
           85  +but if the process does not support log rotation it will not provide that
           86  +benefit.  For example, if you wish to write logs to syslogd(8) you can use
           87  +logger(1), such as:
           88  +	# ./filed --root /www --user nobody --log '|logger -t filed' --daemon